Made With Awesome Picks The Best Films of 2013!
Pacific Rim

Just hand us your fake ticket stub, grab some stale popcorn, and enjoy our riveting, five-star, highly biased and nonsensical reviews of our favoritist films of the year!

Back To School-ish Sale

Save 20% off everything at now through Sunday (9/22/13) with the code: THEDOGATEMYCOUPON   What? You say school already started a week or two ago? Well, we have a backpack full of excuses for being late with the sale. First our website missed the bus, then got its wisdom teeth removed and finally stayed up all day and [...]

September 16, 2013
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A Biblical Plundering One Year In The Making: “Noah’s Arrrk”

On this swashbuckling edition of “How We Collaborate”, we will follow the treasure map’s red dotted line from start to finish (with a bunch of booby-trapped detours and epic sea urchin battles along the way), all to uncover the unexpected secret history of the world’s most famous animal hoarder.

Deck The Halls With Awesome….AND FREE SHIPPING!
awesome elf holiday header

Greetings, denizens of Internet Land!

Have you all been good little homeboys and homegirls this year?

Not so much, eh?

Well, time to lie your butt off so the Awesome Elf will kick-flip into your chimney with the gift of FREE SHIPPING!

December 11, 2012
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Made With Awesome on G4TV!

Long before internet cables rocketed adorable kittens cavorting in every imaginable way to your computer within milliseconds, there was this other form of media where people sat down together and watched something at a certain time or missed the chance to see it. And no, I’m not mistaking the word “people” with “dinosaurs”. It’s called TV!

The supercool people over at Attack of the Show! on G4TV recently recommended some t-shirt apparel brands and Made With Awesome was one of the sites mentioned!

November 28, 2012
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“You’re Weird” Featured on!
You're Weird, We Should Be Friends Sale at

A special color edition of our awkwardly awesome tee “You’re Weird, We Should Be Friends” is available at for a limited time for a mere $18 dollars!

Made With Awesome Comes To Redbubble!

In addition to our main website, tons of new and sold-out designs, kids sizes, iPhone/iPod cases, and a holy helluva lot more Made With Awesome is now available through our Redbubble account!

September 18, 2012
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Getting Ready For Some Huge Upcoming Shows!

Come one, come way more than one to Made With Awesome’s upcoming craft show events, which include Maker Faire at The New York Hall of Science on September 29th & 30th, as well as Philly Outfest on October 7th!

September 13, 2012
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Check Out This Tasty Kickstarter Project!
DCP logo

Made With Awesome co-business-owning main man Roni Lagin aka is doing a personal art project on Kickstarter called “Delicious City Prints” and it’s pretty crunchy and swell.

July 26, 2012
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A Summer Blizzard of Savings This Week…All Tees $15! All Prints $10!
Summer Blizzard Of Savings Sale, $15 Tees! $10 Prints!

It might be mind-meltingly hot outside, but the prices for the Summer Sale are oh so cool! Even though the temperature isn’t gonna fall into the icy-cold teens for a bunch of months (specifically in the northern hemisphere), our entire stock of t-shirts just did… $15 to be exact ($10 off the original price).